Monday, 21 April 2014

Hack: Virtualized Siemens Software PLC using WinAC RTX 2010 and ESXi Hypervisor

To set up a fully virtual Siemens Software-PLC for testing purposes and rapid prototyping.

VMware Workstation or vSphere Server supporting at least virtualHW.version="9"
Windows 7 32bit Professional SP1
Siemens WinAC RTX 2010 SP1
Siemens Simatic NET 8.2

Step 1:
Set up a virtual machine with 2 GiB RAM, 1 CPU with 2 cores, 2 network interface cards. All other settings default.

Step 2:
Use custom BIOS, select specifc ethernet driver e1000e and add virtual HW version. The bios needs to be downloaded and placed into the same folder as the .vmx.


This can also be done by editing the .vmx-file, for VMware Workstation, or first remove from inventory in vSphere then edit the .vmx-file through SSH. Re-add into vSphere using command.

Step 3:
Install Windows 7 32-bit. Upgrade using Windows Update.

Step 4:
Install WinAC RTX 2010 SP1, reboot when needed.
Install Simatic NET 8.2, reboot when needed.

There you go, it should now work as a SoftPLC with WinLC CPU. Realtime determinism is lost, but should still work well for testing.